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Bobby Mahan brings you the knowledge and materials to not only succeed, but excel in ANY market. Don't let the talk of doom and gloom in the housing market bring you down, Bobby Mahan can show you how this is an "Outstanding Market". Learn new strategies to take your business to a whole new level.

What Agents are saying about our Seminars:

This is the most information I've received in a very long time, and it was a huge wakeup call! For me it was a reality class, we don't get enough of that.
Elaine Betty

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This was the best Seminar I have ever attended for Realtors and Mortgage Brokers.

LuDean Payne

Information very helpful, I have not completed any Short Sales yet but I feel I have the tools to get started.
Laura Cristiano

Claudia Hart

Loved the speaker, great enthusiasm and participation.
Kathryn Gavitt


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Real Estate Trainer, Coach, and Speaker, Bobby Mahan, has taught 100's of agents how to turn their real estate career into not just a job but a business. Some of his seminar topics cover Getting Listings Sold, Business Generation, and today's more challenging issues of Short Sales and Foreclosures. As a top Agent and Broker Bobby teaches not just from theory but from his own business experience.


At Bobby Mahan Seminars our goal is to teach and inspire agents to preform at their highest and best level. We are "Creating Real Estate Champions"!

To your Success!

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